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About Us


What do you get when you put all the best specialist painting technicians and technology under one roof? Alltech Coatings of course!


Technology Is In Our DNA.


The coming of the Internet and 24/7 global interconnectivity brought with it complete technological disruption across the entire planet.

Many award-winning entrepreneurs worldwide brought the latest innovations and advancements to just about every sector of society.

Alltech Coatings is one of the leading pioneers of ultra-modern approaches, technology, techniques, systems, tools, and equipment in the painting services industry!


Leading From Day 1.


We started out in 2010 with the vision of leveraging our specialist painting skills, combined with the hottest cutting-edge-technologies, to the absolute max.

We wanted to build a specialist team that -like many other sectors- could advance the painting services industry to almost an exact science.

We wanted to show happy clients and customers exactly what a state-of-the-art painting services company looks like. And how modern skills and tech can give them an expert painting result, but in the shortest time, and with the most cost-effective outcome!

Today Alltech Coatings is proud to say that our many adoring customers keep returning for exactly that. And we continue to work hard every single day to keep building on our winning mission, vision, and values.


Our Customers Always Come First.


We are uncomplicated people. The Alltech Coatings team keeps it real. We focus on getting the basic things right. And our customers, clients, and patrons simply love us for it.

We combine the most modern specialist skills and tech with proven old-fashioned qualities that stood the test of time, like trust, integrity, quality, and value for money. It’s a winning combination!

The Alltech Coatings customer base and specialist team are expanding exponentially. We started out as a couple of specialist painters with a dream. Today we are operating out of not less than two bustling premises in Brisbane’s CBD and on the Sunshine Coast.


We Are Growing Our Service Capabilities.


Alltech Coating’s overall value proposition has also skyrocketed with leaps and bounds. What started essentially as high-access abseiling specialist painting services has now grown to become full-spectrum property transformations.

The Alltech Coatings specialist team tells you exactly what the exterior of your property needs. Before it gets too costly or even too late. And we have the skills, technology, tools, equipment, and processes on board to return your property exterior to excellent health. Beautifully. Exactly the way it should be!

Whether it’s our cutting-edge satellite systems, high-tech digital tools, or the wide range of winning tradesmen skills -e.g. specialist exterior washing, rendering, crack repair, carpentry, and painting- Alltech Coatings friendly, dedicated, and committed team is almost guaranteed to also win your heart over.


Get In Touch Today!


So, why not simply try us out and see for yourself why our clients keep returning and why they also tell their friends? Our excited team is on standby to take your call right away. Don’t delay, contact Alltech Coatings right away. You’ll be glad you did!