Sunshine Coast commercial painters working on Buderim Gardens

Buderim Gardens Repaint Success Story

After 8 weeks in action our Sunshine Coast commercial painting team are nearing completion of Buderim Gardens retirement living.

The friendly team have been a hit amongst the residents, with more than one local writing in to the management and sharing what a great experience they’ve had since the crew have been on site.

Here is what one resident had to say in a hand written letter about the Alltech Coating’s Sunshine Coast painting team.

Buderim Garden
Buderim Gardens Repaint Success Story

The letter reads:

Buderim Gardens Staff Office


Just wanted to say how wonderful the painting job on my villa !! 

The painters did a really special, and happy, job and were so understanding and considerate. 

The work was done in a very cheery, and happy way, and I applaud them for their excellent work. 

To give credit where it is due, gives the workers knowledge that they have contributed, to the owners of the villa. 

Also, well done to all office staff for choosing the company. 

I had been to have a heart Holter put on earlier, but their cheerfulness created happiness, when I returned home. 

Sincerely – Maureen.

Buderim Gardens Repaint Success Story

Receiving this letter would have to be one of the proudest moments we’ve had here at Alltech!

And what a project it has been!

With 51 independent living units to be painted, all of varying shapes, sizes colours and access challenges, the townhouse painting project has been no walk in the park.  Alltech Coatings are renowned for their level of on-site safety and being a Lendlease property, this is always first and foremost of the priorities.

After 1,600 man hours and thousands of litres of paint, the legendary Alltech painting team will sadly be saying goodbye soon to the local residents, leaving them with outstanding shiny new paint jobs on their homes and some great memories.

Thanks Buderim Gardens!

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