Building Health Diagnosis

Looking at Painting Your Building, but Don’t Know Where to Start?

You’re not alone!  With so much to consider about timing, cost and what you need to look for in a scope, it’s no wonder painting projects often end up in the “too hard” basket.

That’s why we created the 5 Minute Building Health Diagnosis.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Walk outside with your phone or laptop
  2. Answer 10 simple questions about what you notice on your building
  3. Hit submit for an instant Scope of Works!

It’s that easy! Click Below to Get Started.

What is the building health diagnosis?

Taking 5 minutes to diagnose the health of your building could be the most valuable thing you do for your sinking fund this year.


When diagnosed early, most remedial issues on your building can be fixed quickly and with minimal cost.

Unfortunately, too often these small issues go unnoticed and are left to decay into much bigger, and much more costly building repairs.

Our user-friendly tool allows anyone to quickly diagnose paint and facade issues, then instantly generate a scope to repair them.

  • Use images to quickly diagnose external paint and remedial issues
  • Less than 5 minutes to complete the diagnosis
  • Report and painting & repair scope of works provided to you instantly upon completion

What can the tool do for you?

If you think you might have some paint or maintenance issues on the outside of your property and would like to arm yourself with the right information before speaking with a tradesman – the building health diagnosis will do just that.

Take your laptop or portable device outside and answer a few simple questions about what you see, and let our tool handle the rest!

You’ll instantly have the power of a full external paint and remedial diagnosis, plus a scope of works to bring things up to speed.

Knowledge is power and by educating yourself on the issues and how to repair them, you will:

  • Be better equipped to negotiate with contractors
  • Identify common problems in minutes
  • Nip minor defects in the bud, before they become major issues such as concrete cancer

If you have any doubts about the integrity of your external paintwork or facades, take the building health diagnosis now!