High Set Homes Painting – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


Did you know that high-set homes with challenging access like pole homes, architecturally designed homes or multistory homes can now be painted without the costly and inconvenient use of scaffolding?


Experienced Team


Our team have helped dozens of high-set home owners around Brisbane and Sunshine Coast (particularly hilly areas with sloping blocks such as Buderim or Red Hill where access becomes a nightmare) get their house painted quickly, professionally and with big savings achieved by removing the scaffolding.

Our ultra-experienced team uses specialist high-access equipment, tools, processes, and techniques. No matter how challenging or awkward the painting of your high set home, with Alltech Coatings you’re always sorted. Expertly. Safely. Cost-effectively!


Challenging Sites


Does your spectacular cliffside home need an awesome new coat? Is your home built on poles? Does your architect-designed home on the hilltop have the most difficult-to-reach spires, nooks, and crannies? No worries. Alltech Coating’s specialist painters of high set homes have got your back.

Our specialist personnel are dedicated, skilled, qualified, vetted, and committed. Alltech Coatings only uses cutting-edge tools, processes, and techniques for your high set home painting project.

We don’t need scaffolding. Your assignment is completed lovingly and quickly. No hassles, fuss, dramas, and delays that are so typical of regular contractors. Especially when it comes to challenging projects such as the painting of high set homes.


How We Run Your Project


Each Alltech Coatings exterior houser painting assignment features its very own dedicated project manager. The planning of your home’s repaint is done in the finest detail. You are always 100% in the loop. And with Alltech Coating’s state-of-the-art information flow, your project updates are just a click or swipe away.

Our team leverages satellite measurement systems and sophisticated high-tech tools to the max. We always get the numbers in an instant. Accurately. Economically. Fast. And with no scaffolding costs, you save even more heaps of cash. What’s more, with Alltech Coatings your beautiful high set home never looks like a construction site!


Give Us A Call Today


The friendly team of specialist painters in Brisbane is ready to discuss the exciting painting project of your magnificent high set home right away. Can you already imagine that spectacular, new, fresh, head-turning look of your loving high set home? So, why even delay? Simply call Alltech Coatings today!