High Rise Painting – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


When undertaking a repaint of a high rise building or apartment block there are three important things to take into consideration.



Many of the facades and external balcony surfaces will be inaccessible to painters without using forms of access such as boom lifts, swinging stages, scaffolding, or, our preferred method of for painting high access areas – industrial abseiling.

Although our team of commercial painters are qualified to use all forms of access usually harnessed to carry out a high-rise painting project in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our experience has shown that rope access is the safest, most efficient and least disruptive means of painting.

When painting high-rises, safety of guests is absolute paramount. That’s why Alltech Coatings has in-house workplace health and safety experts on board to assess each high rise repaint individually and devise a plan to ensure the painting project runs safely and smoothly.



Choosing the right professional paint product for painting your high rise can mean the difference between a coating system that will stand the test of time and protect your building for years to come, and one that fails much too early.

Before selecting a coating system for your high rise or apartment building, our paint technicians will factor in the location of the building – proximity to salt water will have an influence on the paint you choose for your high rise – the substrate it is to be painted on, and the type of product that was previously painted on your building.

Once a proper assessment or diagnosis has been carried out on the current state of your high rise buildings surfaces and substates, you will receive a detailed report with recommendations for products and methods for carrying out pre-paint remedial works that will ensure the longevity of you paint job.


Business Continuity

Painting your high-rise building is already a big investment for you and your stakeholders.

At Alltech, we understand this and do everything we can to ensure that the painting project doesn’t also become an inconvenience for your business, residents or guests.

By taking the time to understand your operations, we are able to put together the most low impact access solutions and time schedules that allow you to carry out business as usual, whilst the high rise painting project is in progress.


Why Choose Alltech Coatings for Your High Rise Repaint?

All team members are IRATA certified – this means they have internationally recognised certificates that qualify them as safe abseiling tradesmen. All painting work will be handled by experts who work on high rise projects on a daily basis.

Gone are the days of costly scaffolding. Alltech Coating’s ultra-modern techniques, processes, tools, and equipment mean that your project is completed in the quickest time possible.

Old-school techniques like scaffolding are obtrusive, outdated, cumbersome, and time-consuming ways of painting your high-rise. Not only does the ‘dead time’ -i.e. scaffolding setup, rental, and removal costs- often run up the project price unnecessarily, but scaffolding also chases customers away.

Quality – delivering a quality paint job isn’t just what we do, it’s part of our culture. Our team of high rise painting specialists are passionate about what they do and strive towards delivering outstanding painting results for our clients that exceed expectations every time.

How long has it been since you’ve had your building painted? On average high rise buildings need painting every 10 years before they run the risk of developing chalky, failing paint and cracks or issues that cause more serious damage to the buildings substrates.

If you think it might be time to paint your high-rise building in the near future. Contact us today for some free advice and we can even offer you a budget estimate within 24 hours.

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