As a body corporate committee member, you are trusted with helping make the right choices with funds that will maximise the value of everyone’s property.

If you are reading this, you may be at the stage where you are trying to figure out if it’s the right time to invest in repainting your apartment building, townhouse complex or other strata plan dwelling, but finding the right information can be difficult.

As a rough rule of thumb, complexes need to be repainted on average, once every 10 years. Knowing this fact, along with getting a free 24 hour budget estimate from Alltech is a great starting point for you to start planning for your next repaint.

Painting your property too early may mean you are needlessly investing money on a paint job, when your current coating system would have sufficed for another couple of years. Painting too late, on the other hand could cost you pretty petty if the paint has deteriorated to the point it needs an extra coat, or cracks in the surface have led to more serious structural issues.


So what is the solution?


When you call Alltech, we will carry out a free assessment on the state of your current paintwork. Alternatively, take our free 6-minute building health diagnosis survey. This includes:

  • Adhesion tests on your current paint work to make sure it isn’t failing
  • Visual inspection of the surfaces to make sure the paint isn’t becoming “chalky” (once this happens, you may be in – for the cost of an entire extra coat!)
  • Visual inspection from the ground for any signs of cracking, concrete cancer, hydrostatic blisters or flaking (all of these are ticking time bombs for the structural integrity of your building)
  • A rough estimate of cost and timeline for when you should consider a repaint


What if you don’t have the budget for a repaint when it’s needed?


We’ve got you covered. If our initial inspection discovers that you have issues that are causing a serious threat to your building. We can offer you a tailored solution that only focuses on getting the important issues fixed now – so you don’t lose a fortune down the track on needless repairs – and a plan for taking care of the “aesthetic issues” later.

If you are here, you probably already know that a repaint will be on the cards for your building in the near or mid-term future.

Why not get some clarity around exactly where your building is at in relation to its condition, and how much you need to budget for it. It’s completely free of charge and you will have guaranteed answers within 1 week.


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