Asset Protection Plans


How you ever been caught off-guard by a large, unexpected exterior maintenance expense that you or the body corporate didn’t see coming?

What if you never had to worry about dealing with the huge sudden cost of building repairs that you hadn’t budgeted for ever again?

With an Alltech Coatings Total Asset Protection Plan, you don’t have to!


Alltech Is The Right Choice


When you choose an Alltech Total Asset Protection Plan, you are making a choice that the look, value and structural integrity of your property will be the same in 10 years’ time as the day you bought it.

As a member of the exclusive club of property owners and body corporates who are committed to maintaining the value and appeal of their property, you will benefit from an integrated “set and forget” exterior maintenance program that will set your building apart.


What you get:

  • Complete external rectification and repaint of your external building in year 1.
  • Full annual washdown of all exterior paintwork – Dulux approved to maintain your paint warranty.
  • Following the wash, a full external squeegee clean of all external glass windows, doors and balustrades is carried out to keep glass shining new.
  • Annual photographic report of all external building issues such as minor cracks, paint bubbles, rust spots or sealant failures, so as you can take cheap effective action early to tackle them BEFORE they become a major expensive problem.
  • Annual certification of all height safety systems.
  • Peace of mind to focus on other things, knowing that your most expensive asset is being looked after the way that it deserves.


This sounds expensive… what does it cost?

Fortunately, our combined 30 years of experience in maintaining buildings shows that owners who take a proactive approach to looking after their property actually save thousands of dollars.

In fact, for most multi-residential or strata properties, all of this can be achieved for less than $10 a week per dwelling!

Imagine never having to hold another emergency body corporate meeting again to deal with huge unexpected expense and knowing your building is completed maintained for the price of two cups of coffee per week!

Don’t let your most valuable asset fall victim to maintenance issues that could have easily been prevented! Submit your details below for a free 30min consultation with one of our asset protection specialists who will learn about your specific needs and demonstrate a plan that will save you thousands!