You wouldn’t expect the paint on your car to shine for years if you didn’t take it to the car wash or give it the occasional wash and wax… and the same goes for the paint on your building!

Repainting your property is one of the biggest investments that you’ll periodically have to make if you want to keep it looking amazing, maintain its value, and protect its vital structure from the elements.

So if you’re going to invest your hard earned money in a new paint job, wouldn’t it make sense to maintain it?


You Cannot Just “Set & Forget”.


Just like your car, if the paint on your building isn’t maintained with regular washing and touch ups, it will quickly fade and succumb to the brutal Australian conditions. Salt, car fumes, dirt and mould are just some of the nasty elements conspiring to corrode and destroy your investment if you don’t look after it.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Dulux are one of Australia’s most trusted paint brands and if you want to keep your 10 year Dulux paint warranty – which comes standard with every Alltech paint job – it is part of their conditions that the paint be regularly washed and maintained in accordance with the surrounding conditions.


Regular Washing Helps Maximise Paint Efficiency.


For urban areas it is recommended that the paint undergo a high pressure clean at least every 24 months in order to keep it looking great and prolong its lifespan.

For coastal areas it absolutely must be done every 12 months if you want to stop the ever-present salt from prematurely degrading your paint and ultimately the structure beneath.

Maintaining your new paint work is vitally important if you want to get the maximise value from your investment and extend the life of your paint. Regular scheduled washes of your paintwork is the smart choice for saving money in the long run and ensure you maintain your warranties and get more years out of your paint job.


Talk To Us About Scheduled Maintenance.


When you choose Alltech for your next paint job, make sure you ask about our fixed price scheduled maintenance services that are guaranteed to keep your property looking great and save you from the cost of having to paint again too soon.

Send us your details below to book a free phone consultation with one of our painting experts who can help you with a painting maintenance plan that is right for you.