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Concrete Spalling Repairs – Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast


Concrete spalling, also known as “concrete cancer” is the biggest threat to the structural integrity of high rise buildings – especially those in coastal environments such as The Gold Coast. The generative process, which starts with water entering the concrete, progresses at an exponential rate, meaning many building managers and body corporate committees don’t take action until it’s too late.


What is Concrete Spalling?


Concrete spalling starts to occur when moisture enters the concrete slab – usually through a failure in the paint, or through unsealed surfaces above the affected area such as balcony floors, ledges and garden beds.

Once moisture gets in, the steel reinforcement bar inside the concrete slab begins to oxidise or “rust.” As the bar rusts it begins to expand, putting pressure on the surrounding concrete until it pops or blows out. The cracked or blown out concrete then allows even more water in, speeding up the process and spreading it further through the building.


What are the Dangers?


In addition to the corrosive threat concrete spalling poses to your building, when it comes to high rises, there is a much more alarming aspect of it that needs to be considered!

Once the affected concrete has begun to break away from the building, it’s only a matter of time before it completely dislodges itself and comes crashing uncerimoniously to the ground. Imagine the impact of several kilos of concrete falling from a Gold Coast Skyrise! It wouldn’t be pretty for anyone who happened to be walking by.


That Sounds Scary, How Do I Spot It?


You could use Alltech Coating’s Building Health Diagnosis Tool to quickly identify any areas of concern on your building and call a professional immediately if the results are positive.

If you don’t have time for that, here are 3 signs that are strong indicators that concrete spalling is occurring on your building:

  1. You see rust stains appearing from a crack or through the surface of the building,  Occasionally these might be a result of a small piece of metal such as a nail or wire tie caught in the slab, but more often than not you’re dealing with rusty red-bar, which only means one thing – concrete cancer.
  2. You see sections of the concrete beginning to push out, crack or look like they are becoming dislodged.
  3. You see fully exposed sections of steel reinforcement bar.  This is by far the most obvious and means that the concrete spalling has progressed to a very late stage.  Not taking action immediately is putting the integrity of your building – and your sinking fund – in serious jeopardy!


What Steps Should I Take?


Before you can repair the concrete spalling on your building, you first need to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Alltech Coatings can deploy its industrial abseiling tradesmen to visually inspect every inch of your building and provide you with an itemised photographic report of any concrete spalling occurrences.

During the building inspection, any instances of concrete spalling that are found to be at the point of breaking or posing a health and safety hazard will be immediately removed to give you peace of mind that your property is safe for residents and guests.

Once you have the report, the condition of the concrete spalling at your property is discussed with you you’ll be able to get an accurate for repair.


How Alltech Coatings Can Help


Alltech Coatings are so renowned for their expertise in concrete spalling repair and have recently carried out several major rectification jobs on buildings such as Burleigh Gardens at The Gold Coast.

Our estimators are trained to identify concrete spalling on the spot, quickly assess the severity and help you make a plan of action.

Concrete spalling needs to be treated early before the it spreads and major structural repairs are required. To protect your high rise, commercial building, or skyscraper, it’s crucially important that concrete spalling is identified and treated as a high priority!

The specialist high rise painting and remedial team at Alltech Coatings is trained and skilled at concrete spalling rectification at height, being one of the only companies in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast to carry out the works via abseil access or swinging stage.


How Concrete Spalling is Treated


In order to treat the rusty steel bar, the surrounding area must be excavated to completely clear the concrete away from the corroded bar, allowing access on all sides. This process must continue until such time as clean, unaffected reinforcement bar is reached.

Once the area around the bar is fully excavated to provide access, it can be cleaned and prepared with a mechanical wire brush or grinder to return the bar to clean bare metal.

Depending on the level of corrosion of the bar, further treatment, such as welding in new bar may be necessary.

Once the rust is ground back, the clean bar is primed with a suitable zinc rich epoxy primer. Once the bar is primed, the surrounding area is restored using a specialised repair mortar, before repainting.

With Alltech Coatings the quality of your concrete spalling rectification project in Brisbane, Gold Coast and on the Sunshine Coast is guaranteed.

Why should you risk the health of your valuable property?


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