Repainting your property, or more importantly, repainting your property at the RIGHT TIME, may be one of the most important financial decisions you make for your home, business or investment property.

Like most people, you probably know that repainting your property is a quick way to increase its curb people or add value when it comes time to sell. Unfortunately, however, if it gets left on the back burner for too long, it can end up costing you a lot more than the cost of a simple paint job.


Paint Is Your Structures Barrier


Paint isn’t simply there to make your property look great (although it does a great job of doing that), it’s the barrier that stands between its structural features such as walls, support beams, eaves and roof; and the outside elements.

Without a protective barrier of paint, the very structure of your building such as; wood, steel and cement fibre will quickly succumb to the elements and begin rot, corrode and disintegrate.

Often by the time you notice the warning signs, such as – flaking or blistered paint, cracks in concrete or cement fibre sheeting, rust spots appearing on walls – in may already be too late for a simple repaint as more serious & costly structural issues are already rapidly taking a grip on your investment.


How do you know if it’s time to repaint your property?


The simple answer is, ask the experts!

Alltech Coatings offer free, no obligation assessments of the current state of your property’s paintwork and can promptly let you know if the issue is affecting more than just the look of your building.

It most cases, we can even give you a budget estimate on the spot for your repaint.

If it has been more than 7-10 years since your last repaint, don’t waste another minute jeopardising the structural integrity of your property.


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