Steel Rectification – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


Rust and oxidation are some of your beautiful property’s worst enemies. Especially in the coastal areas with their typical humidity and salty air. Even small signs of rust or corrosion are a signal that the protective coating on your steel has failed and, if left unattended, will quickly spread, comprising not only the look, but the structural integrity of your steel.


Does this sound scary?


Do not despair. As long as you identify the issue early and report it to a team of steel rectification and protective coatings experts like Alltech Coatings, the team can carry out a comprehensive inspection and make recommendations to fix it or stop it in its tracks!

Alltech Coatings has developed and tested the products combined with specific methodologies for tackling your steel rust and oxidation issues head on. There is no time to waste or expense that should be spared when it comes to protecting the very structural integrity of the steelwork on your property.


What To Look For.


Areas typically to watch out for and take care of on your property are structural steel supports such as beams and pillars, awning poles and other external exposed steel framework. The moment you notice any signs of surface rust or oxidation is the moment to take action and get a professional tradesman in to prepare the rectify the surface and apply new protective coatings.


How We Work With You.


Alltech Coating’s clients are fully informed of the assessment results. The condition of the steelworks at your property is discussed with you. Steel rectification options are explained, recommendations made, and the costs included in your overall project price.

Alltech Coatings are so renowned for their expertise in steel rectification that they were recently contracted to assist with the rectification of the Metricon Stadium light towers on The Gold Coast. Being exposed to high winds and salt from their proximity to the beach, the steel poles had developed surface level and structural rust that had to be removed, cleaned and prepared before applying the right protective coatings.

Surface-rust needs to be treated early before the rust corrodes the steel. To protect your factory, fleet of ships, commercial building, skyscraper in the CBD, or seaside holiday resort, it’s crucially important that steel rectification treatments and preventative coatings are applied in good time.

The specialist team at Alltech Coatings is trained and skilled to apply the appropriate corrective and protective steel rectification processes and treatments. Your property, therefore, gets restored fully to its original perfect health. You enjoy complete peace-of-mind and save loads of money in the long run!


What Does The Process Look Like?


Steel rectification treatments typically involve -but are not limited to- the pressure-washing of surfaces to ensure that they are free from dirt, grime, mild oxidation, and salt deposits. Where active rust is observed, it is removed by means of suitable processes such as grinding and refilling with suitable alkali modified mortar.

The Alltech Coatings specialist steel rectification team finally pressure-washes the entire surface again and soon after drying- applies a primer and protective coating of top-class products such as Durabuild or Weathermax, to name but a few examples.

With Alltech Coatings the quality of your steel rectification project in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast is guaranteed. Why should you risk the health of your valuable property?


Rust Never Sleeps! Get In Touch Today.


For complete satisfaction and peace-of-mind deal with Alltech Coatings. Metricon Stadium does. Alltech Coatings is a member of the Master Painters Association. And Dulux trusts the work of Alltech Coatings so much that it’s guaranteed for no less than 10 years!

The friendly specialist team is on standby to discuss your steel rectification project with you right away. When rust, oxidation, and salty humid air threaten the health of your property then you should not delay. Contact Alltech Coatings today. You’ll be glad you did!